The Legal Nurse Associates, LLC team are highly-educated Registered Nurses from multiple clinical areas. They are trained to consult with attorneys and clients on medical-related cases and have the expertise to quickly interpret case viability involving health, illness, and injury. This is done by a critical, detailed review of medical records, terminology, and the subtleties of various healthcare issues. Legal Nurse Associates, LLC Registered Nurses work in many settings, including the following:

  • Business and industry legal departments
  • Forensic environments
  • Governmental agencies
  • Health facilities
  • Health Maintenance organizations
  • Independent Consultant Services
  • Insurance Companies
  • Legal Firms
  • Legal Nurse Consulting Firms
  • Patient Safety Organizations
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Research Facilities


As the President and CEO of Legal Nurse Associates, Jessica Hobbs-Williams has over 20 years of extensive clinical and financial experience. She began her professional career in 1998 and has worked in several clinical areas while continuing her education. Jessica currently holds 4 degrees in Nursing, a degree in Business Administration, and with completion of her dissertation attained her PhD in Philosophy. She has been practicing as a Legal Nurse since graduating from the prestigious Duke University in 2015.