Legal nurse consulting took root in the late 1970s as a specialty area of nursing. In 1989 Legal Nurse Consulting established itself with the formation of the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants (AALNC).

Established in 2018, Legal Nurse Associates, LLC is an elite team of consultants that are members of a specialty in which expert Registered Nurses provide invaluable consultation and expertise to attorneys about medical issues. With strong roots in clinical nursing practice, our Elite Legal Nurse Consultants (LNC) apply the nursing process to evaluate relevant, complex information in legal cases.

LNCs do not practice law and are not paralegals. We serve in bridging the gap between the legal process, healthcare science, and patient outcomes. As the LNC, we are a key member of the litigation team in medical malpractice cases. We are uniquely qualified to participate in the development of trial strategy, testimony, preparation of trial exhibits, and appraise medical testimony on the spot to name a few.

Legal Nurse Associates Registered Nurses’ perform a variety of different services. With their experience in all of these matters, they save the attorney and client valuable time, money, and resources. Call today, and let us show you how the team at Legal Nurse Associates, LLC can streamline your caseload.


As the President and CEO of Legal Nurse Associates, Jessica Hobbs-Williams has over 20 years of extensive clinical and financial experience. She began her professional career in 1998 and has worked in several clinical areas while continuing her education. Jessica currently holds 4 degrees in Nursing, a degree in Business Administration, and with completion of her dissertation attained her PhD in Philosophy. She has been practicing as a Legal Nurse since graduating from the prestigious Duke University in 2015.