Working at the intersection of Medicine and Law with

Elite Legal Nurse Consultants
with Real Knowledge, Not Theoretical

Jessica Hobbs-Williams

Have you had the opportunity to work with Elite Legal Nurse Consultants with real knowledge, not theoretical? With the number of cases attorneys are presented with and the ever-changing complexities of the healthcare environment, Legal Nurse Associates can bring you invaluable expertise.

As the President and CEO of Legal Nurse Associates, Jessica Hobbs-Williams has over 20 years of extensive clinical and financial experience. She began her professional career in 1998 and has worked in several clinical areas while continuing her education. Jessica currently holds 4 degrees in Nursing, a degree in Business Administration, and with completion of her dissertation attained her PhD in Philosophy. She has been practicing as a Legal Nurse since graduating from the prestigious Duke University in 2015.

During her professional career, Jessica has continuously been recognized as the top in her field. Highlights include her selection from a pool of candidates from over 1200 international pharmaceutical research facilities as a premier speaker on clinical trial practices at the Inaugural International Symposium on Clinical Trial practices, 4-time international recognition in global pharmaceutical research publications, service as a clinical trial consultant at Duke University, one of the “Top 40 Students” to ever graduate from the Community College of Beaver County since its inception in 1966, and has been an Associate Professor of nursing since age 25. Along with her accolades, Jessica holds professional licenses in multiple states and is a member of the American Nursing Association.

About Legal Nurse Associates

Legal Nurse Associates services will be specifically developed to meet your case demands rather it be an abundance of medical records that may contain critical information that you have no time to analyze or determine the nature of injuries related to Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Product Liability, Toxic Tort, and Workers’ Compensation cases, to state a few.

Legal Nurse Associates serves as the liaison between the legal and medical communities. We are focused on providing exceptional services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction; we will meet your expectations. We offer a variety of services that will be customized to your needs in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Combining medical knowledge with an understanding of the legal process, we are able to assist you with cases including, but not limited to the service areas below.

Legal Nurse Associates Service Areas

Cardiovascular/Cardiology including telemetry

Intensive care (ICU) cardiac and surgical patient

Critical care - adult population

Pulmonary and respiratory diseases

Mechanical ventilator

Wrongful Death

Intravenous Therapy (IV)

Alzheimer's and dementia patients

Stroke Patient

Geriatric medicine

Informed consent

Emergency Medicine

Pharmaceutical and Device Research

Nursing standard of care

Pressure ulcer and wound care

General nursing practice

Reproductive Endocrinology

Medical Appeals

Long-term Acute Care

Personal Injury

Toxic Torts

Financial And Clinical Fraud

Medical and Nursing Malpractice

Product Liability

Worker's compensation

Our Services

Provide initial case screening for merit.

Define the applicable standard of care and outline deviations from and adherences to those standards.

Access and identify factors that caused or contributed to alleged damage or injury.

Interpret, summarize, and translate medical records.

Identify and recommend potential defendants.

Conduct literature research and apply that research to case at hand.

Identify and review relevant medical records, hospital policies and procedure, and other essential documents and tangible terms.

Consult with health care provider.

Interview plaintiff and defense clients, key witnesses, and experts.

Assist with interrogatories and depositions, including developing and preparing exhibits.

Identify and locate testifying experts.

Serve as a liaison between the attorney, health care providers, testifying experts, parties, witnesses, and other consultants and service providers.